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Guided Pathways – Support for Youth and Families (GPS) is a King County-based family support organization committed to providing services for families, with families, and by families.

Who We Are

We are families helping families. We empower and support families and youth struggling with behavioral, emotional or substance abuse challenges in navigating resources to achieve wellness and resilience.

What We Do

We provide support for families and their children in King County. We provide one-to-one parent support to help guide parents through the System of Care while their child is having difficulty and during recovery. We provide peer support to guide youth through their hard times. We offer parent classes and trainings for parent support providers. We have quarterly family social events to have fun and to connect with other families in the community. The majority of our services are free of charge.

What We Believe

We value family voice, family choice. Youth and families have the right to speak and to make decisions about their behavioral, emotional, mental health care and substance abuse treatment. Youth and families have the right to know the full range of promotion of wellness and prevention options available to them. Family inclusion is fundamental to a strong and effective System of Care.

How We Started

Incorporated as a nonprofit family support organization in July, 2012, GPS for Youth and Families grew out of the on-going commitment to parent-to-parent and peer support in King County. In 2008, the Mental Illness and Drug Dependency (MIDD) Action Plan was adopted by the King County Council. Included in the plan’s strategies was peer support and parent partner assistance. In 2011, the County allocated MIDD funding to the startup of GPS for Youth and Families led by Langley, WA consultants Strategic Learning Resources.

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