Adoption & Foster Care Resources

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We heard about the following resources we want to pass on to parents looking for adoption and foster care support: Center for Adoption Support and Education has a Strengthening Your Family webinar series designed to help foster and adoptive families learn valuable skills to build strong families. You can register on-line for the 1 1/2 hour courses, which are $25, and take the course from any computer. The website has other resources for foster and adoptive families. Seattle YMCA Young Adult Services supports foster teens (with or without mental health concerns) through transition from the...

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Helping Foster Kids Even After Adoption

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Check out this radio story on the importance of providing family support to families with adopted foster children. The median age of the 50,000 foster children who are adopted each year in the United States is 9 years of age. Here’s an excerpt from the NPR story broadcast on August 28, 2012: 9 years old is the median age of adopted foster children “Say “adoption” and many Americans think “babies.” The U.S. system was largely organized around placing infants, both from this country and abroad. It turns out that, by far, the largest number of...

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