GPS Office Set Up Nearing Completion

The move in and set up of our new home at West Valley Business Park in Kent is nearly completed! With the moving of walls, installation of carpeting and cabling, and redesign of kitchenette, the major tenant improvements have all been completed. We’re now in the process of completing set up of office furniture and equipment to become fully operational this month. Every step forward bring us closer to the realization of our dream –the birth of a new organization!

What an exciting and gratifying process this is for us! The day I walked into our office to find my desk set up and pictures on the wall was the day I first felt that ‘dream come true’ feeling. For GPS Office and Volunteer Coordinator the dream became a reality the moment we got connected to the internet!

These photos offer a glimpse of our new space and a hint of its fresh, vibrant personality.

We’re very much looking forward to welcoming the community to our official launch celebration on Wednesday, April 3, 2013.  Save the date! We look forward to celebrating with you.