Lead Parent Partner Janice Schutz 
For more than a decade Janice has been advocating for a daughter who has struggled with mental, emotional and behavioral challenges.
“Through problem-solving, with the help of family and friends, and guidance from caring professionals, we have met these challenges and successfully overcome numerous obstacles,” she says. “Throughout this time, I have worked steadfastly to educate myself and build a network of contacts in order to help other families like ours.”
Janice brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her position at GPS. She began serving as a Volunteer Parent Partner at Sound Mental Health Mental Health in 2009. She joined Sound Mental Health as a Parent Partner in the MIDD Wraparound program in November, 2011.  Janice has been a Certified Peer Counselor since 2010.  She also served as a Family Partner for families in the Juvenile Justice System from 2010 to 2012.  Janice loves horses, dogs, and practices yoga.

Parent Partner Gary Streile
Gary is a step parent of a daughter who was a teen experiencing educational, emotional, substance abuse and behavioral issues. Because of this he became involved with numerous aspects of school, counseling, juvenile justice and community support organization systems. After a few years of extreme acting out by his step daughter Gary found the Changes Parent Support Network (CPSN) and joined the program.  When it really helped to change their situation Gary became a big proponent of the community peer support for teen/family approach. He soon began supporting/coaching other parents in the CPSN. “It feels really good to have somebody tell me that something I said or did made a significant difference in their lives and home situation”.
Gary is one of the original Family Partners involved with the Juvenile Justice 101 program. Here he talks one-on-one with people to help answer their questions about the process and guide them toward community support. Gary started out as a scientist but through the challenges of his step daughter he became a stay at home dad.  Gary brings with him the passion to help other families with a scientific mind, an unusual combination.

Intern Jessica Barnes

Jessica Barnes is in her final year at the University of Washington. She will be achieving a bachelor’s in Psychology. During July, August and September, 2013, Jessica will working to analyze and synthesize quantitative data about families and children with mental health, substance abuse and/or behavioral challenges focusing on where they live and go to school, use of services, health status and socio-economic status.
When she isn’t at work, she loves to get in touch with the outdoors, camping, hiking, or swimming. She also loves to rollerblade on Alki Beach and has an interest in books and many animals. Music is another passion of hers, loving some Billie Holiday and Jimi Hendrix.