Valuing Our Families

     If you were anywhere in the vicinity of Coulon Park in Renton on Sunday, June 28th, you would have noticed a lot more than a gentle, summer breeze on a warm and sunny day! You would have seen huge smiles on children’s faces decorated with hearts, unicorns, flowers and other whimsical art. You certainly would have noticed the wide range of ethnic diversity represented by those beautiful faces. You would have heard joyous greetings, animated conversations among the adults gathered in the park and laughter as full and deep as Lake Washington itself! And, upon closer examination, you would have realized that at the heart of it all was family.

     Merriam-Webster dictionary defines family in many ways: a group of individuals living under one roof: HOUSEHOLD; a group of persons of common ancestry: CLAN; a group of people united by certain convictions or a common affiliation. All these definitions apply to Sunday’s gathering – the 2013 Partners in Health, Families, Professionals, Networks of Support Annual Picnic.

     Months in the planning, the picnic had the hallmarks of all that is valuable in our families and our community.  It was a celebration of hope, determination, perseverance, courage, strength, resilience and love, the underpinnings of the support we give and receive daily in our homes, in the agencies and organizations that form our network and among members of extended families and natural supporters.
     GPS is honored to have a place at the family table, a role in the work of bringing families together. It is a great privilege and joy to be a part of such a dynamic and growing network. We thank everyone who joined us in this effort!
     If you weren’t with us on Sunday, please plan to be with us at the 2014 picnic. And, in the meantime, bask in the warmth of these images from a very special Sunday in the park.

Busting a Move

Dancing to the picnic beat

Big and little ones bust a move

Unleash the Brilliance young singer

More talented youth
Girl enjoys dog

Kids at Craft Table

Mom and Kids

Painting of a lovely face

Happy Painted Faces

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