From Patty Murry’s Newsletter

Standing with Oso and Darrington

I returned to Arlington and Darrington this weekend to meet with officials on the ground, volunteers, survivors and first responders.  What I saw there was some of the worst devastation I’ve ever witnessed.  But at the same time I also saw incredible acts of generosity and kindness.  I saw firefighters who hadn’t slept in days because they just wouldn’t stop searching for survivors.  I saw families refusing to give up hope, and I saw communities that need our entire state and our entire country to stand with them now.  In the coming weeks, months, years, and for however long it takes, all of us will stand with the people of Oso and Darrington to help provide them with the resources they’re going to desperately need in this recovery and rebuilding effort.

Read delegation statement. Read/Watch Senator Murray’s floor speech.

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