Today is World Suicide Awareness Day. Suicide is a subject that is hard to talk about and too infrequently discussed until our awareness is heightened by a sudden, shocking, seemingly incomprehensible tragedy.  Out of the tragedy of the death of comedian/actor Robin Williams comes the catalyst to learn more about depression and early warning signs and clues of suicide.

Today we share a powerful graphic containing important and helpful information about suicide. Read it and share it with others.

If your sadness doesn’t go away, or keeps coming back, if someone you know has the “blues” and has been struggling with daily life for more than a few weeks, reach out, speak up, find or offer help and hope.  Depression is not faithlessness, weakness or ingratitude for all the goodness in life.  Depression is an illness that affects mood, thoughts, body and behavior.

Help is available for anyone who is at risk of suicide:

  • 24-HOUR CRISIS LINE: 866-4-CRISIS (866-427-4747)
  •  WA RECOVERY HELP LINE: 866-789-1511  (24/7)
  • TEEN LINK: 866-833-6546 (Evenings 6-10pm)