New Year, New Stories!!!

As we welcome 2015, a fresh, shining, new beginning, I am reflecting on the power of our stories. Different and unique as each family is and as each of our stories are, through sharing, all of our stories have the ability to shed light on a particular aspect of the journey through illness, distress, crisis to insight, empowerment, wisdom, recovery and wellness.  Our stories matter because WE matter, the children and youth we love matter . . .and they and we deserve every bit of compassion, support, trust, faith, hope, peace, prosperity, and joy as life has to offer . . .despite the struggles and challenges we may endure.

Today we start the New Year off by sharing two new stories.  And we encourage you to join us in sharing your story by contacting us at  We’re happy to partner with parents and youth to lend technical assistance in producing stories that help us all learn and grow!

Happy New Year!