GPS Board Member – Job Description

Thank you for your interest in applying to serve as a Board member of Guided Pathways –
Support for Youth and Families, (GPS). The purpose of our 501(c)3 organization is to help
families who are struggling with their children’s mental health and substance abuse challenges.
GPS is largely run and staffed by parents and youth. The all-volunteer Board is all volunteers made up of parents and youth, family service providers, and community members. GPS is seeking a member who can match their experience, enthusiasm and energy to guide the operating phases of this organization. If you have life experience, and, a background in finance, human resources, public relations or advocacy, fund raising, or establishing a business, please consider helping.

Board of Directors Responsibilities

  • Support and advance the organization’s mission/purpose and values.
  • Ensure the organization has a plan for providing services.
  • Ensure the organization has adequate resources to support its mission and services.
  • Support and evaluate the work of the Executive Director.
  • Approve the annual budget.
  • Ensure that the organization has the policies and controls to manage its money well.
  • Actively advocate for the organization and its clients.
  • Keep to, and support, the ethical and legal standards, and the organizational values.
  • Ensure the Board is the best it can be by recruiting Board members who have the skills the Board needs, and by conducting a regular Board self-assessment process.

Individual Board Member Responsibilities

  • Attend all Board and assigned committee meetings, and organizational events.
  • Review the agenda and meeting materials before the Board or committee meetings and be prepared to engage in dialogue and decision making.
  • Stay informed about the organization’s progress, policies and programs.
  • Inform others about the organization.
  • Follow Board policies, including those related to conflict of interest and confidentiality.
  • Recognize that differences of opinion will arise between board members, but once the Board has made a decision, each board member needs to accept and support the decision.
  • Expect to serve as a Board member for two years.

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