What’s our Purpose?

The purpose of Guided Pathways -Support for Youth and Families is to:

  • Empower families to more effectively navigate complex service systems including mental health, juvenile justice, schools, and developmental disabilities.
  • Increase the resiliency of families and youth and their ability to function well at home, school, and in the community.
  • Increase the community connections and natural supports available to families and youth.
  • Give parents and youth ‘voice’ in what services they use, how they receive services, and the policies that influence service provision and funding.

How GPS for Youth and Families is structured and funded?

In July 2012, Guided Pathways – Support for Youth and Families became a Washington state non-profit corporation, and received it’s IRS 501(c)3 nonprofit Letter of Determination in March 2013.  Its initial funding and sponsorship is through King County, which is committed to the development of the organization as a strategy in its Mental Illness and Drug Dependency (MIDD) Action Plan. Over time the organization will develop other funding sources to ensure its sustainability.

Developing GPS

The development of a family support organization for King County has been a Mental Illness and Drug Dependency Action Plan strategy since 2008.  After two attempts to initiate a family-run, family-centered organization that did not come to fruition, in October 2011, King County engaged the consulting firm of Strategic Learning Resources (SLR) to facilitate the development of a new family support organization. SLR offers expertise in the development of non-profit organizations, including strategic planning, service delivery planning, capacity building and leadership development. Through the guidance of SLR the new non-profit, Guided Pathways – Support for Youth and Families, was founded in July 2012.

GPS Core Beliefs

Our core values and beliefs are family centered. We value family voice, family choice.  A family’s chance of success in meeting the challenges of raising a troubled youth or child with special needs is proportional to the degree of available support and resources.  Family voice is vital for changing laws, policies and procedures in the way services are rendered for youth and families in King County.