Youth Peer Support

What is a Youth Peer? Someone with experience facing the same challenges you’re facing. Someone closer to your age to talk to, be around, and get help from. Someone who listens, understands, and can lend a helping hand. Our credentialed peer support specialists have lived experience rather than clinical expertise that you would find from a therapist or counselor. They can connect with you wherever you’re at in your journey, help you gain control of your life and fortify your path to personal success.

A GPS Youth Peer will:

  • Talk with you one-on-one in person, by phone or through an online meeting app. 
  • Listen to your concerns and needs
  • Provide the support and assistance you ask for
  • Help you identify and build from your strengths
  • Give you guidance if you’re feeling lost or overwhelmed
  • Connect you with additional resources and connections for your needs

At GPS you can choose what feels right for you:

  • Help plan and attend a group activity to be heard and to hear others or just hang out and have fun.
  • Follow us on Instagram or connect with us on SnapChat.
  • Your voice and your choices matter. You choose what, when, where, and how to access support!

Let’s get started – Fill out the confidential request for services form and a GPS staff member will contact you to schedule your first meet and greet.

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