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Mike and Janet’s Story

In 2018 Mike and Janet came to GPS through a referral from a partner organization, Children’s Crisis Outreach Response System (CCORS). Mike had recently gained custody of his children who were traumatized from past abuse by a family member. Mike and the kids were struggling to create their new family unit as the children were challenging the change in their relationship and adjusting to their stepmom, Janet. GPS supported Mike and Janet until they were able to get into a more intensive care program their family needed. After they finished that program, Mike and Janet returned to GPS for on-going family support.

Mike and Janet’s Parent Partner was able to support them through many ups and downs including advocating for and supporting Mike and Janet during their custody fight that would have forced their children to have visitation with their past abuser. Now Mike and Janet’s kids are no longer required to engage in visits with that family member and their behavior and mental health has improved dramatically. By being strength focused, the kids are now able to truly heal from past trauma with a therapist skilled in their area of need.

Mike and Janet continue to learn and grow as parents and understand life is a winding road but as long as they have each other, they can handle the twists and turns. As they both say, “We could not have come this far without the community supports we have received through you and other organizations.”