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In 2014, Janelle entered high school with the label of ‘at risk.’ Her days were punctuated by fights, detentions, disillusion, frustration and doubts about her own abilities and self-worth. It wasn’t until a therapist suggested that Janelle connect with a youth peer that she found the motivation and inspiration she needed to succeed. She had been struggling under the pressure of the unrelentingly high expectations of a busy, single mom and an absent father whose neglect and abandonment created sadness and pain. Janelle unleashed her anger wherever and whenever the opportunity arose, allowing annoyances and perceived slights to push her to erupt.

Her Guided Pathways youth peer listened to her and built a trusting bond that led Janelle to begin to listen to herself, identify her emotions, learn and practice expressing those emotions and grow beyond her self-imposed limitations. She gained the capacity to cope with disappointments at home and at school. Her youth peer met with her every week throughout high school until Janelle’s confidence and ability to make healthy choices became stronger. Three years later, she graduated on time, charting an exciting course for her future and using her voice to advocate for King County youth who, like her, have a promise and potential to realize their dreams.

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